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Milan RANKOV Bates started his business in 1989. His first restaurant was called "3B" - Bates, Backa, Bunjevačko kolo. Two years later from the street Zagrebačka he shortly moved to Bikovo, and then rented space in a former Old bathroom (Staro kupatilo). Finally, tavern "Bates" in 1994 moved into it’s own place in the street Vuk Karadzic 17, in the city core, where it still is today. After nearly three decades of continuous work and gaining trust of their guests "Bates" has simply became a corner of restaurant magic. Along with it’s success and growth also grew Milans successors - a daughter and two sons: Sonja, Zoran and Dejan who now run this restaurant, as good as their father did.

This traditional family restaurant faithfully succeeded to keep almost all of the best "from grandmas kitchen", not to give up local specialties, and in doing so to fulfill the desires of the guests from any continent. Chef Zoran with his culinary skills spiced with mysterious magic and virtuosity in preparing meals almost can not fail. Ekonom- purchaser Dejan, buys only selected raw foods and sometimes angers the finance manager, sister Sonja, because of the prices, but because of that no visitors who came to the tavern went out dissatisfied. We keep and we will continue keeping our fathers honor. See for yourself.


"Bates" is located near the exclusive hotel "Gallery", but most of Suboticas citizens prefer to stop by at „Bates“ for a good home made lunch. It is hard to blame them for this decision given that their meals are based on old recipes on wich tastes smile even the pickiest gastronomes. Here are prepared meals that guests require daily, and they often taste mutton stew with potatoes, kastradina, beef goulash with dough, sweet cabbage with mutton ... Guests would like tripe, lamb intestines sour soup, stuffed burgers, then sausage in lamb intestines roasted on a spit or a variety of fish. Guests would like the side dishes of podvarak(cabbage), beans, spinach, pickled salads or spring vegetables. Guests must be satisfied. This rule was established by the founder of this restaurant and it can not be deviated. From generation to generation, the rule is a family manufacture. Guests can dine or order take away. You do not have to eat, but you can take a dish. During the break, if you wish to, or during a meal, drinks will be served in the restaurant from trustworthy local cellars. Flights in a beautiful garden, a pleasant winter in a heated and highly decorated room. Daily from 10am to 22pm. Sundays from 11 am to 16 pm. "Bates" accepts and organizes various celebrations and event markings that guests request. Music is imminent in such a place. Tamburitza players, for example. You can listen to them with us. VISIT US. See our range of food and drinks, try them and see if "Bates" is really what you want and what we offer. "Bates" knows that a guest can be deceived only once. We do not utilize that. ENJOY!

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Friday Tamburaši

Every Friday and Saturday night from 8pm, while you enjoy our specialties, tamburitza players bring out the positive energy that makes a good atmosphere in the "BATES" restaurant and make your visit unforgettable.

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Restaurant Bates
Vuka Karadžića 17
Phone: 024/556-008

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